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We bought a Four Wheel Drive after the Western Australian trip.....

We've got back into camping, with a vengeance! This is a huge country we live in,
there is so much to see and experience.

We've had a couple of short trips to the Flinders, and a longer trip to Tibooburra, Innaminka and the Strzelecki track.

It's a bit hot in the north in Summer so more expeditions in that direction will have to wait for Autumn.


Our route, in blue
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Redbanks near Burra
Our Toyota
A northern highway
Corellas in the shade
at Montecollina Bore
Bluebush country

These images are from the Northeastern area of South Australia. It's pretty dry country.


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In the Flinders Ranges
In the Flinders Ranges
Cattle grid
Cattle grid, instead of a gate.
Too late!
Jump-up country
It is sheep country

It may be arid, but we love it.


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Red sand dune
Red sand dune
Keep left
Keep Left!
Lake Pinaroo
Lake Pinaroo has filled only a
couple of times in the previous 50 years.
Strzelecki desert
The Strzelecki desert
Bird watching
Intrepid bird watcher

The road is one lane up and over each sand dune. Keep left!


Fort Grey
As the sun goes down at Fort Grey, Burke & Wills explorers' base camp.

We counted seventeen wedge-tailed eagles in one glorious flock. Magnificent!

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