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En-Suite Bathroom

Our bedroom is at the front of the Wright Street house, and the original little bathroom is at the back. It is in the furthermost corner, 35 metres from the foot of our bed. To get there, you turn right into the hall, left into the long passage, past the office, second bedroom and kitchen, and left again into the big room, which spans the full width of the house. You go right across the big room, into the store/pantry/wine cellar and turn left, and phew, you’re there.

In the bathroom at last.

It’s a long way to go in the middle of the night when you’re still half asleep. You get there and think "What did I come down here for?"


original-room (38K)
Before the conversion.


The room next to the master bedroom was ideal for conversion.


no-floor (57K)
The floor’s gone

We were very lucky with the contractor we chose to do the job. Domenic Commisso of "Innovations in Bathrooms".

He came well recommended by a colleague that Val knew from work.

They were very clean and tidy, nothing was too much trouble, and the contract was finished reasonably well on time.

We did have one unexpected hold-up. The vinyl tiles under the old carpet contained asbestos. That entailed departing for the day while that was removed by experts. The floor boards could then come up to reveal the under-floor space.

drains (54K)
Sewer and water pipes installed

Compared to doing an upgrade on the original bathroom, this was quite an undertaking, and not something I wanted to tackle.

Getting rubbish off the site is not easy, finding somewhere to leave a builder’s skip a problem too - it gets filled up with other peolple’s rubbish first! And then there’s the effort of getting materials in, the concrete trucks have to double park to deliver into a wheel barrow. We have to take down part of our front fence just to get a barrow in. I don’t need those sort of hassles, that is why we used a project manager.

en-suite-small (12K)
As it is now


The bathroom is in use and almost finished. We're just waiting on some specially commissioned furniture to be supplied.

It includes a modesty screen/bookshelf by the toilet, and a tile-topped wash-stand table over the washing machine.




STOP PRESS We've just got the quote for the furniture - with discount, just under $5000.00 Sorry, not today thank you! But it does mean that I'll have to dust off my woodworking skills, though.

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