Teazle Kempster Photographs
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Various family photographs

Post-prandial Stupor
Val watching TV?
Val and Lys
Lys & Val in Cox's Scrub
Lys in Cox's Scrub
Lys in Cox's Scrub
Not Spike Milligan
It's not Spike Milligan
40 years - on KI
40th Birthday - on KI
60 years - in Tanunda
60 years - at Tanunda
Mother and babes
Mother and her babes!
Dave, Lys, Val and Ben.
At Pt Lobos 1996
Phil & Val at Pt. Lobos
Oma was 81 in January!
Louise and John married in a wonderful ivy-covered, ruined church at Inverbrackie in the Adelaide Hills. All the guests went by bus and we picnicked in the cemetary. A great time was had by all! Louise's wedding
Louise and John entering the church
Louise's wedding
Signing the register
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