Lentils 225g, 8oz
Butter 50g, 2oz
Onions 350g, 12oz
Garlic 1 clove
Turmeric 1 rounded teaspoon
Paprika 1 rounded teaspoon
Ginger, ground ½ level teaspoon
Cayenne pepper ½ level teaspoon
Garam Masala 1 rounded tablespoon
Tomato puree 1 rounded tablespoon
Salt 1 level teaspoon
Cardamom 4 pods, crushed
to release the seeds
Boiling Water 725ml, 1½pt
Coriander some fresh leaves

Rinse the lentils in cold running water, cover with fresh water and leave aside to stand for a couple of hours. Strain before using.

Heat the butter in a casserole on full (650 watts) microwave power for 1 minute. Mix in the chopped unions and garlic, cover and cook on high for 3 minutes.

Stir in the rest of the ingredients, cover with cling film, puncture the cover twice with a sharp knife, and cook on high for three 5 minute bursts, stirring with a fork in between. Rest for 5 minutes between each burst.

Garnish with fresh coriander.

Make more than you need - it freezes very well.


Use stock or a spoon of Vegemite® or some red wine instead of some of the water.

I tried red lentils and found them a bit tasteless! (PGK)


New Complete Microwave Cookery. Sonia Allison.

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