Aloo Gobi    Cauliflower Curry.
Arsin Ikan Mas    Fish poached in a rich spicy stock.
Ayam Lemak    Thai style chicken.
Belachan Long Beans    First tasted at our local Malaysian restaurant in Gouger Street.
Chicken & Tomato Balti   With roasted Sesame seeds on top!
Chicken in Cashew Nut Sauce    The nuts make a delicious thick sauce.
Chicken in Fried Onion Sauce    The onions turn a deep reddish brown.
Daag - curry base   Save time, make half of your curry first. Freeze it for later.
Dahl    Spicy lentil paste.
Fish poached in Soy Sauce    Use firm white fillets or fish steaks.
Fukien Sesame Seed Sauce    Delicious on plain noodles.
Kecap Manis Chicken    Slightly sweet and very flavour-full.
Ma Po Dou Fu    Spicy bean curd with minced meat.
Naan    Phil's best effort at impersonating the Indian classic.
Octopus Hot-pot    Yum.
Onion Jam    Rich, brown and sweet. Great on pizza or as a curry base.
Sookhe Aloo    Potatoes with ginger and garlic.
Spicy Chicken Pilaf    After a recipe on a “Maharajah’s Choice” rice sack!
Spicy Marinated Chicken    Do it in the microwave!
Tandoori Chicken    From Anne Williams, UK. (Val's sister-in-law).
Thai Green Curry    Suzanne Charwat's green chicken curry.
Tofu Noodles    Adapted from a TV recipe!
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