Fruit Scones
Plain flour 225g
Salt a pinch
Raising Agent 1½ teaspoons
Sodium bicarbonate ½ teaspoon
Potassium tartrate 1 teaspoon
Caster sugar 25g
Butter 60g
Sultanas or Currants 40g
Milk about 150ml

Sieve together the flour, the sugar, salt and raising agent ingredients into a bowl.

Rub in the butter and then add the sultanas or currants.

Mix to a soft but not sticky dough with as much milk as is necessary. Knead lightly until smooth.

Roll out just over 10mm thick and cut into 60mm rounds. Brush the tops with milk to make them glossy (optional).

Bake on greased oven trays at 200°C for about 12 minutes.

See also Cheese Scones

The common name for Potassium tartrate is Cream of Tartar.


after: The Complete Farmhouse Kitchen Cook Book. Mary Watts. ed. Harper Collins 1993

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