Everyday Gingerbread
Butter 250g ½lb
Treacle 180g 6oz
Golden Syrup  60g 2oz
Milk 150ml ¼ pint
Eggs  2
Flour, plain 250g ½lb
Sugar 60g 2oz
Mixed Spice ½ teaspoon
Ground Ginger 1 teaspoon
Sodium bicarbonate ½ teaspoon
Sultanas  30g 1oz
Ginger, sliced 30g 1oz
Almonds, shredded 30g 1oz

Chris Williams' everyday gingerbread

Warm together the butter, treacle, syrup and milk, allowing the mixture to get just hot enough for the ingredients to blend well.

Add to the beaten eggs, and mix with the dry ingredients.

Turn into a prepared tin and bake in a cool oven (150°C) for 1½ hours.

Val used a 200x200x70mm square tin. (8”x8”x2½”).
The tin was greased and papered on the bottom and greased and floured on the sides.

This will be a very slack mixture, but Do Not Worry (Jenny's words!).

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