American Pancakes   Thick, light American breakfast pancakes - bring on the Maple Surple.
Apricot Upside Down Cake    The caramelised apricot juice is heavenly.
Blueberry Flan    It‘s a pity that Blueberries are such a luxury in OZ
Butterscotch brownies    Still soft and gooey in the middle.
Carole's Cafe Chocolate Cake    Funnily enough, the recipe came from - would you believe - Carole?
Cheese Scones    For Sunday afternoons in front of the TV
Chocolate Brownies    Nice with a dollop of ice cream.
Chocolate Self-Saucing Pudding    Louise's microwave special. - Di Sinclair's originally.
Crepes    Sweet with lemon and sugar or savoury with Ham and Asparagus, etc.
Flour Tortillas    Wrap taco-spiced meat, avocado, tomato salsa, cheese and sour cream.
Fruit Scones    Better than cucumber sandwiches for afternoon tea.
Gingerbread    Chris Williams' everyday gingerbread.
Ginger Syrup Pudding    With a sauce to die for.
Parkin    After much experiment, this is "IT".
Pastry    Val's short-crust pastry
Pikelets   Or Drop Scones.
Plum Cake   originally from Helen Stevens
Raising Agent   Baking Powder for self-raising flour.
Rice Pudding   What is the matter with Mary Jane?'s lovely rice pudding for dinner again!
Rhubarb Crumble   Use nice fresh Rhubarb when in season, or freeze some for later.
Sponge Cake   Alison Sparkes’ famous recipe. It's never failed yet!
Sweet pastry   Sweet shortcrust pastry for TARTS.  (Why do they get all the treats?)
Treacle tart   See above!
Val‘s Flan   What can I say that won't get me into trouble?
Val‘s Stollen   Why wait for Christmas?
Wacky cake   Chocolate Mud Cake clone!
Xmas Pudding   Brandy butter, hard sauce or even cold with Port and Cheddar cheese.
Yeast baking   They're all in the Yeast Goods section!
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