Rice Pudding
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Rice, short grain 125g, 4oz
Sugar 60g, 2oz
Milk 1.1litres, 2 pints
Butter ~2 teaspoons
Nutmeg grated

Serves 4.

Wash and drain the rice. Put it into a deep 200mm, 8inch, pie dish or casserole, with the sugar, milk and knobs of butter.

Grate the nutmeg over the top.

Bake for 30 minutes at 180°.

Stir the pudding to combine the ingredients, and cook for about another hour.


What is the matter with Mary Jane?
She's perfectly well and she hasn't a pain,
And it's lovely rice pudding for dinner again!
What is the matter with Mary Jane?

A.A.Milne. 1882-1956

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