Baseler Lebkuchen
Flour. 700g, 1½lb
Honey. 350g, ¾lb
Sugar. 200g, 7oz
Mixed Peel. 230g, ½lb
coarsely chopped.
120g, ¼lb
Cinnamon. 20g, 1 tablespoon
Ground Cloves. 4g, 1 teaspoon
(1 level teaspoon)
Ground Mace. 4g, 1 teaspoon
Butter. 1 tablespoon
Sodium Bicarbonate. 15g, ½oz
Port or Sherry 170ml, ¼pt
Peel of one Lemon, thinly sliced.
Extra Sugar for decoration.
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Heat the honey, sugar and butter until the butter is melted, let the mix cool slightly and add the flour (which has been sifted with the soda), the spices, chopped almonds and lemon rind. Add the dry ingredients a little at a time to the hot liquid. Mix to a dough with the rest of the ingredients. Roll out the dough while it is still warm, and put on greased trays in large pieces.

Cook at 180°C, 350°F for 20 minutes on the aluminium trays, and cut into small squares when still hot. To decorate, brush the biscuits with hot sugar syrup boiled to thread stage. Careful - they may remain sticky.

Try almond meal instead of the chopped almonds.

The biscuits can be cut into rounds with an ordinary biscuit cutter, but the mixed peel causes a bit of drama.

Use a Pizza wheel-cutter to cut up the hot dough.

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