Honey 1kg (2lb 4oz).
Flour. 1kg
Butter. 250g, ½lb
Ground Almonds 200g (7oz).
Wheatgerm. 4 tablespoons
Ground Cloves 4g, 1 teaspoon
Ground Cardamom 4g, 1 teaspoon
Sodium (or Potassium) Bicarbonate 20g,
1 tablespoon
Peel of one Lemon, finely sliced.
Water or Wine 50ml, 2 tablespoons
Blanched Almond halves 100g, 3oz for decoration.

honig.jpg (33K)

Heat the honey and butter until the butter is melted. Cool slightly and add half of the flour, the spices, almonds and lemon rind. Mix well and then stir in the soda. Mix to a dough with the rest of the flour and leave overnight.

Then knead the dough well, roll out to 8mm thickness and cut out diamonds 30-35mm on each side. Decorate with halved blanched almonds and bake till golden brown at 180°C, 350°F. for about 15 minutes.

Leave plenty of room between the biscuits on the trays, they do not rise very much but they do spread!

Makes lots.


Try mixing all of the dry ingredients together, but add half at a time to the honey/butter mixture as in Heidi's original method.

Try zesting the lemon, instead of slicing the lemon rind.

Black iron trays cook the biscuits quicker than aluminium ones, 10 minutes compared to 15.

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