Anzacs    An Australian “icon” biscuit - quick and easy.
Baseler Lebkuchen    Honey, cloves, cinnamon and mixed peel - very fragrant.
Cheddar Shorties    Savoury little morsels to have with a cheeky Chardonnay!
Chocolate Chip Cookies    Recipe from the Neiman-Marcus urban myth.
Ginger Shortbread    Val’s family heirloom recipe.
Ginger Snaps    For that first cup of tea of the day try Val’s specials
Honigkuchen    Golden diamonds, studded with an almond.
Lebkuchen    Cut into shapes or use to make Lebkuchen Haus
Nuernberger Lebkuchen    Contains chopped dried apricots!
Nussprinten    Everybody's favourites - hazel nuts and chocolate.
Shortbread    Dylis's 'Petticoat Tails'
Springerle    Pressed into wooden moulds before cooking
Teegebäk & Nusstaler    Cut slices off the roll, then cook the rounds.
Whipped shortbread    Flour, cornflour, sugar and butter. That's all.
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