Avocados 2 large ones, finely diced
Juice of half a lime
Onion ½, finely shredded
Coriander ½ bunch, finely chopped
Salt and Pepper to taste

Guacomole a la Chan.

Chan Thornley in Adelaide

Just blend all of the ingredients together, using the lime juice to reduce the browning of the avocado.
You could substitute a Spring Onion for the onion, to give a milder flavour.

Avocados 2 large Haas
Bacon 2 rashers, diced
Onion ½ large one, finely diced
Lemon juice 1 teaspoon
Yoghurt 1 tablespoon
Chilli paste 1 teaspoon
Salt and Pepper to taste

Guacomole Eleanor

Eleanor Burton - at Picton NZ

Fry the bacon and onion until coloured.
Mash up the Avocado with the lemon juice and a little yoghurt.
Stir in the rest of the ingredients.

Avocados 2 large ones, chopped
Spring Onions 2, sliced
Tomatoes 2 medium sized, diced
Juice of half a small lemon
Salt and Pepper to taste

Guacomole California

“I’ve forgotten the name of the person who used to make this one” says Val.

Simply fold all the ingredients together.

Avocados 2, Haas if possible
Coriander small bunch
Parsley 2 sprigs, chopped
Spring Onions 3 - 4, chop the green
and white parts
Green Chillis 2 very small, de-seeded
and chopped
a little Lemon Juice
Salt and Pepper to taste

Guacomole Val #2

Val's own

Chop, mash and mix all the ingredients together, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until ready to use.

Nigella Lawson gives the recipes that include both tomato and avocado the evocative name of "Boil Squeeze".

Guacamole is from AHUACA - MULLI in Nahuatl.
Avacado is AGUACATE, which is from two Nahuatl words, Ahuacatl meaning ‘testicle’, and Cahuitl is ‘tree’.

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