Dukkah    Serve with bread sticks and a pot of Olive oil
Fukien Sesame seed Sauce    Thick, pungent and flavoursome.
Guacomole or 'Boil Squeeze'    Only if it's made with Tomato.
Hommus    Chick peas, sesame seeds and garlic.
Marinated Feta    Chunks on crackers, with a glass of white wine. Almost heaven.
North African Carrot Dip    Chilli, Carrots and Honey!
Pesto    With all that Basil, you can't Fault-y it.
Quark-Anchovy dip    Quick, easy and smooth.
Roasted Capsicum Dip 'Nose bleed'    Roast Capsicum and Quark
Smoked Fish Dip    Any firm fleshed fish will do.
Tahina Sauce    To make Hommus
Tapenade    This recipe came from Picton, NZ.
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