Dried beans 250 g
Chorizo spiced sausages 2 cut into 25mm pieces
Cubed steak
or kangaroo
750 g - 1kg
Large onion
Garlic three cloves
Tomatoes 450g tin

Soak the beans over night, then cook them until just soft, but still whole. Slice and fry the onions and garlic until transparent, brown the cubed steak and lightly fry the sausages.

Layer the beans, meat, onions and tomatoes in a casserole, finishing with a layer of beans. If the casserole mix is too dry, add some stock. Cover the top with a crust of bread crumbs.

Cook in the oven at about 250-300°F, covered for the first hour, then remove the lid for the final hour, giving a golden crust. The meat should be tender, and “the beans melted into a delicious creamy mass”.

Serve with a glass of robust red and a green salad.

after European Peasant Cookery. Elizabeth Luard. 1986

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