Meatballs, Frikadellen
Beef or Kangaroo mince. 1kg
Stale bread 2 or 3 slices
Onion 1 large one,
finely chopped
Garlic 2 or 3 cloves
(or more!)
finely chopped
Eggs 2
Soy Sauce 2 tablespoons
Tomato paste 2 tablespoons
Olive oil 2 tablespoons
Ground Cumin ½ teaspoon
Ground coriander ½ teaspoon
Salt to taste
freshly ground
to taste,
about 1 teaspoon.


Soak the bread in water or milk until soft. Squeeze it out and shred it into the minced meat, paying particular attention to the crust. You don't want any surprise lumps. (The same goes for the onion, too.)

Add the rest of the ingredients and mix it all thoroughly (kangaroo will need more oil than beef, as it is almost fat-free). I find the best way is to get both hands in and squeeze, extruding the mixture through the gaps between my fingers. Kinky!

Form the balls using a spoon and the palm of your hand. Cup your wet hand and compress the spoonfull of mixture. The balls hold together better during cooking if they are fairly wet.

Chill in the refrigerator, preferably over night.

The frikadellen can be flattened and cooked on the BBQ for burgers or left as balls for soup.


If you’re using Kangaroo mince, discard as much of the meat juices as possible before making the mixture - the blood gives the meat a strong smell.

Excess tomato paste can be stored in ice trays in freezer.

After Oma Heck's recipe.

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