Alligator Sauce Piquant   How do you mock an alligator?.       From a distance!
Cassoulet   Hans would sell his soul for a dish of this.
Chestnut & Sausage stuffing   For turkey, duck or goose.
Chicken & Sausage Gumbo   Cajun at its BEST.
Chicken Pie   Use left-over chicken from making stock.
Chicken & Wild Mushrooms   First collect and dry the Boletus edulis.
China Syndrome Chilli   Make it as hot as you like
Coq au Vin   Chook in a truck.
“Cornish” Pasties   With real MEAT!
Fish Steaks Mintaro   Duxelle of mixed wild mushrooms as a topping.
Flour Tortillas    Wrap taco-spiced meat, avocado, tomato salsa, cheese and sour cream.
Gougere with Ham   Chou pastry that works, and it doesn’t taste of boot leather!
Hungarian Paprika Chicken   Serve with spaetzle, potato gnocchi or polenta.
Kangaroo Curry   Endorsed by the Heart Fund® - very little fat.
Kangaroo with Plum Sauce   Cook the fillets rare, smother in sauce and you’re in Paradise.
Kangaroo Stew   Delightful with spaetzle. Makes a simple and hearty meal
Kedgeree   Pukkah echoes of the Raj, Sahib.
Mexican Chicken   Chicken, chilli, cinnamon and brown sugar.
Meatballs or Frikadellen   Oma’s specialty. Use for soup or as ‘burgers for the BBQ.
Paella   Hans’ birthday request. (Thanks Val!)
Pizzas   Try these different toppings.
Roast Goat - Halal   Mohammed Evans’ recipe, Rainbow Halal.
Spaetzle   “What's wrong with the pasta?” asked Jo Burton.
Star-gazing Fish Pie   After Rick Stein, Padstowe.
Tacos   Dinky Di authentic Oz Tex-Mex
Turkey Breast Roll   Stuffed with chestnut and sausage and glazed with honey & ginger.
Val’s Fish Parcels   Very quick, very easy, very clean, very tasty.
“Wilga”   Aussie version of Sloppy Joes
Yorkshire Pudding   Eeh by gum, Lad, that‘s right champion!
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