Smoked Fish - Cod
or Deep Sea Bream
Rice 350g, 11 oz, 1½ cups
Eggs, boiled 3
Tomatoes 2 or 3
Butter 50g
Onions 2
Curry Powder 1 tablespoon
or Turmeric, Cumin & Coriander, mixed
Salt to taste


Poach the fish, skin-side down, in about 200ml water in the microwave, for approximately 2 minutes on high (600 watt). Remove the skin and any bones and then flake the fish.

Keep the water from this cooking.

Cook the rice in salted water. Keep it warm.

Chop one of the onions and fry till soft in a little butter. Add the spices as you cook the onion.

Thinly slice the remaining onion and fry till crisp in a little butter. These slices are to be used as a garnish.

The hard-boiled eggs should be still soft in the centre so don't boil too long.
      “Golden oily-ness not yellow powder” - Nigela Lawson.
Cut them into segments, length ways, and put them aside.

Take the core out of the tomatoes and cut them into segments.

To assemble:
Combine well together the cooked rice, the flaked fish and onions with the spices. Moisten the mix with the fish-poaching liquor. Stir in half of the tomato segments.

Top with the boiled eggs and the rest of the tomato, in a pleasing pattern and sprinkle the crisp onions over the final dish.

The dish can be served with a scattering of chopped parsley if you wish.

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