Spätzle Tante Hilda
Bread flour 3 cups
Eggs 3
Salt ¾ teaspoon
Milk* 300ml (Heidi says
"More if necessary")
*see notes at the end.

Mix to a smooth batter and let stand for a while - an hour or so if possible.

Boil some salted water in a big (about 4L or more) saucepan.

Spoon some of the mixture out onto a board and cut the dough that overhangs the front edge into thin strips and let them fall into the boiling water. Keep dipping the knife into the water to lessen the sticking of the dough.

Cook in batches, depending on the size of the spätzle board, until they come to a rolling boil.

Lift them out with a slotted spoon and drain in a colander.

Keep them warm while you cook the next batch.

When they are all cooked, thoroughly mix the batches together as they do tend to dry out in the oven.

Serve with brown butter poured over.

This quantity is enough for three hungry, or four normal adults, with a little left over!


To use Louise's mandolin, I made the mixture runnier - used 400ml of milk. The recipe provided with the machine recommended 6 eggs to 500g of flour! It was a very hard crumbly mass - quite useless, I thought.

The spaetzle generated by the mandolin are about peanut size - formed by the dough dripping through the holes into boiling water.

The cooking spaetzle must be continuously stirred or the drips of uncooked dough will fall onto the floating mass of earlier spaetzle, and stick together!

Makes a nice change, but not much quicker than cutting off the board. They do seem lighter though.

Clean up all of your used utensils immediately, the dough makes an excellent cement!

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