Roast Capsicum
Capsicums red or green, ripe.
Olive oil

Line a baking tray (or two or three) with aluminium foil. Brush some olive oil over the foil to prevent the peppers from sticking.

Core and de-seed the capsicums, cut off the ribs so that the flesh is of even thickness all around. Slice the flesh up into about 25 by 25mm squares.

Spread the cut pieces onto the oiled trays, attempting to keep the segments seperate from each other. Sprinkle lightly with sugar. Like cooking onions, the small amount of sugar makes a lot of difference to taste of the finished product

Roast at about 200°C for 30 minutes or so.

Pack the cooled sections into screw top jars and cover with olive oil.

Use as anti pasti on crackers, in Nose-bleed dip, Chicken with Pine Nut pasta, etc.

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