Baking Powder   or Raising Agent. - 007?     How Smart can you get, 99?
Cajun Spice   This is the traditional spice mixture for gumbo.
Chicken Stock   Invaluable if you cook ANYTHING
Chinese Five Spice   The Chinese version of Mixed Spice
Conversion Factors   Grams to ounces, Fahrenheit to Celsius, cups to cubits etc.
Garam Masala   An essential Indian ingredient, mix your own. It’s much better fresh.
Glühwein    Mulled wine for mid-winter. Keep the chill on the outside.
Hot Dog with salsa and hommus   What you‘d get at the Ritz. The high society version!
Lemon Curd   Better than jam!
Mixed Spice   When made fresh, it's so fragrant.
Mushy Peas   Nigella Lawson's up-market veg. Quite sinful with cream.
Potato Wedges   Coated with hot spices and roasted in the oven. Bliss.
Rhubarb & Ginger Jam   You can't have too much ginger.
Refritos   Mexican Refried Beans
Roast capsicum   For Nose-bleed dip and Chicken with Pine nut pasta. Deelish!
Tabouli   Lebanese salad
Taco Seasoning   For tacos - obviously, and refritos. Try Val‘s fish parcels dipped in this.
Toasted Muesli   The breakfast staple. Just add milk and yoghurt.
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