Pasta - Phil's 3x3x3    Once you've eaten home-made pasta...
Besciamella    Essential for a lasagne
Blue Cheese Sauce    To go with Potato Gnocchi
Bolognese Sauce    Ye olde original pasta sauce - but using kangaroo mince
Chicken with Pine nuts    Chicken, nuts, roast capsicum and a besciamel sauce. What can I say, but YUM.
Fukien-Sesame Seed Sauce    Just pour a spoonful over hot noodles.
Lasagne    Pasta, bolognese sauce and besciamella.
Marinara Sauce    Using Marinara Mix from the Fishmonger's
Pizza topping    Pat Thomas's special
Phil's Tomato Sauce    Just pure tomato taste. Simple but mouth-watering.
Polenta    Val's specialty - great with Tex-Mex
Potato Gnocchi    Different.
Smoked Mussel sauce    Smoked mussels, Cajun spice and fresh pasta. Exquisite.
Spaghetti alla Puttanesca    For the ‘Working Girls’
Spätzle ‘Tante Hilda’    Great with hearty meat stew or braise
Standard Tomato Sauce    This is the traditional pasta sauce!
Sun-dried Tomato with Gnocchi    One of our favourite camping meals.
Tagliatelle, Haddock and Avocado    For the jaded palate!
Tagliatelle with Prosciutto    and lashings of Parmesan on homemade pasta - bliss!
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