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Sun-dried Tomato with Potato Gnocchi
Potato gnocchi ½ packet
Sun-dried Tomatoes 8-10 segments
Basil, dried 1 teaspoon
Parmesan, grated 100gm

To serve two.

Put two cups of salted water on to boil.

Dice the sun-dried tomato segements, reserving their oil as it has quite a bit of flavour. Put them into a serving bowl and sprinkle on the basil.

Drop the contents of half a packet of commercial gnocchi (boo, hiss!) into the boiling water and replace the lid on the pot. When the water has come back up to the boil, and is foaming, the gnocchi are cooked. Drain well and add them to the serving bowl.

Scatter on the grated parmesan and mix well.

Serve and enjoy in the Outback with a glass of Rough Red.

If you’re doing this at home, obviously you’ll use home-made gnocchi.

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