Phil's Tomato Sauce
Tomatoes, fresh 500 g
Tomato paste 2 tablespoons.
Tomatoes, sun dried 6 to 8 pieces
Sugar 1-2 tablespoons
Salt about ½ teaspoon

The tomatoes should be very ripe and soft. See the comments under the other tomato sauce recipe

Chop them up into small cubes. I don’t think it's necessary to skin them first, you may disagree.

Cut a cross in the base, drop them into boiling water for a minute or two,
refresh in cold water, the skin should come off easily. What a waste of time!

Cook the chopped tomatoes for about 15 minutes in a wide pan with a lid on.

Stir in the sun-dried tomatoes to soften and melt in a couple of cubes of tomato paste (you do store your stock of paste in ice cube trays, don’t you?).

Leave the sauce to simmer very slowly, uncovered, on a low heat for as long as you can wait. When the mixture is thick enough, add the sugar, adjust the salt to taste.

Enjoy with a bowl of Phil’s 3x3x3 pasta that has been tossed with a little olive oil. Perfection.

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