Oriental Meatballs
Minced Pork or Beef 1kg
Dried Mushrooms 30g
Water Chestnuts 90g
Bacon 125g
Garlic 2 cloves
Ginger 3 teaspoons
Onion 1
Chilli sauce 3 teaspoons
Soy sauce 60ml

Wash your hands.

Soak the dried mushrooms until soft. Mince or chop all of the ingredients and use your hands to thoroughly mix them together. Dig right in and extrude the mix through the gaps between your fingers.

Shape the meatballs into 25-30mm diameter balls and fry them in hot oil, turning them to brown them on all sides. Drain the finished meatballs on kitchen paper.


Make balls by scooping up a spoon full and pressing it into a cupped hand with the spoon, rolling the ball in all directions, compressing the mix, and making a neat sphere. Leave to rest in the refrigerator.

Try adding an egg to the mixture to help bind it together.


Serve either hot or cold with Chilli Plum Sauce for dipping.

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