French Stick 1
Tomatoes 3
Spring Onions 2
Green Capsicum ½
Pitted Black Olives 125g
Capers 6
Anchovy fillet 1
Mustard powder ½ teaspoon
Cracked Black Pepper
Salt to taste

Cut the loaf in half longways, and scoop out most of the soft bread.

Chop the tomatoes, spring onions, capsicum, olives, and rinsed capers, and dice the anchovy. Place all the filling ingredients in a small bowl and mix to combine them.

Spoon the filling into the hollowed out bread. Press the halves together, wrap tightly in foil or cling film and refrigerate for at least an hour. Overnight is better for the flavours to blend.

To serve, cut into thick round slices.


Moisten the filling with a little olive oil.

Try adding a dash of Balsamic vinegar?

Save the scooped out bread for bread crumbs

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