Curried Kumara Soup    A great way to use up left-over chook.
Fish Chowder    You could be on Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco.
French Onion Soup    The ‘Classic’ - simple and flavoursome.
“Leg-raiser” Lentil Soup    A change from thick pea soup
Meatball Soup    Oma's “Frikadellen Suppe”
Mushroom Soup    Inspired by a “Trough of Bowland” pub lunch we had with Aunt Violet.
Pea soup    for that great Aussie icon the Pie-Floater.
Sweetcorn & Prawn Soup    Heidi’s specialty - with a Chinese feel to it.
Tomato Soup ‘Mintaro’    A subtle blend of flavours from fresh and cooked tomatoes.
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