Basic Sweet Yeast Dough    This could be the start of something big!     You’ll do it often.
Bread - quick method    Throw it all together, one kneading, one rising. It IS quick.
Bread, sponge method.    Necessary if it’s got fat in the mixture.
Bread Rolls or French Sticks    Like the “quick method”.
Bread Sticks    Great for dipping dukkah.
Brioche    Lop off the top and drop in a scoop of ice-cream. Decadent.
Butter Horns    Any relation to Bev? (via Ethel Luft really)
Chapatis or Spiced Pitta    Spicy flat bread for Indian or Mexican dishes....
Coffee Scrolls    Morning coffee, afternoon tea, anytime!
Flat Bread    Or Pitta Bread. Edible plates anyone?.
Hot Cross Buns    Why wait for Easter?
“Kranz” or Yeast Ring    Louise’s note on the original recipe says “Lovely!”.
Naan    Phil’s best effort at impersonating the classic.
Panettone    Italian festive bread, ideal for Frühstück or brunch!
Pide    Soft flat bread fragrant with Cumin seeds.
Pretzels    Modeled on the A1-A4 Highway interchange.
Sour Dough Starter    Essential for light rye bread.
Spicy Fruit Loaf    Have it toasted with butter dripping through. Yum!
Three Cheese Scrolls    Have a glass of cold lager standing by.
Val's Stollen    Leave out the marzipan for Phil!
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