Bread sticks
White Flour,
(bread or baker's)
1kg, 2lb
Wheatgerm 2 tablespoons
Milk powder 2 tablespoons
Gluten flour 2 tablespoons
Dried yeast 2 tablespoons
Yeast nutrient 2 tablespoons
Grated cheese 250g, ½lb
Turmeric ½ teaspoon
Salt 1½ teaspoons
Very warm water 600ml, 1 pint

sticks.jpg (45K)

Use the quick bread or even the sponge method to achieve the dough, include the turmeric and the optional grated cheese to the dry mix.

Divide the risen dough into six or eight manageable pieces, select one and cover the rest and put them aside.

Flour the bench well, and roll out the first piece to about 6-8mm thickness. With a pizza cutter held against a straight edge, slice the sheet into 12-15mm sticks.

Lay the dough sticks straight onto greased and floured baking trays, leaving about a 12mm gap between each. Cover each finished tray and set aside for final rising.

Repeat with the other pieces of the dough, one by one.

Bake at 200°C for about 15-20 minutes, depending on the state of crunchy-ness you desire.


Twists give added interest to the final item, grab the ends of the fresh sliced dough stick and turn each hand in the opposing direction. Three or four turns is enough. Cover and set aside as before.

Paint the sticks with milk or egg wash and sprinkle coarse salt on before baking will give you an excuse to drink more beer. Roll them in cracked black pepper, or poppy seeds, add ground chilli or minced onion or dried herbs or... Your imagination is the limiting factor. Just try it.

Saltztangen too, are bread sticks made from pretzel dough, they’re just not tied up in knots!

Use with dukkah

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